Try our training for free

You are very welcome to join a Kung Fu lesson for free (see the training plan above). Please come 20-30 minutes before the training starts to have enough time to change your clothes and getting ready for the training. Bring some workout clothes and indoor shoes (no shoes you have used outside).

Who can join in the training?

You can join the training as an absolute beginner at any time. It does not metter if you have previously practiced martial arts or other sports. We also do not different between religion or gender. Children between the ages 5 and 15 can attend Kung Fu Kids training, everyone above can join the regular training, there is no age limit.

Trainer / Master

The trainer / master is Shifu Shi Heng Zhan.

Where does the training take place?

The training takes place at Liechtensteinstraße 135, 1090 Vienna. Just ring at the entrance door at “Shaolin Wushu”.

Shaolin Wushu Training Center